Drug Rehab

Oregon has one of the highest drug use rates in the nation with nearly 50% more illicit drug use compared to the rest of the country for people aged 12 and older. While this obviously doesn’t bode well for Oregonians, there are drug rehab centers available to help those in need.

The most abused drugs in Oregon include marijuana, stimulants such as methamphetamine, heroin and other opiates like narcotic painkillers. Oregon also has a growing problem with other prescription drugs, similar to the rest of the country.

So what can someone in do in Oregon who is searching for drug rehab help?

First and foremost it is a good idea to become educated so that you can make a good decision on a rehab program. Learning more about the types and methods of treatment available both in and outside of the state can be important, as well as how these various facilities and settings will interact with your situation or that of the loved one you are seeking help for.

It is often a good idea to speak with someone about your rehab choices and get additional information and advice about addiction treatment. We have counselors standing by who can help answer your questions and assist you in locating a reputable drug rehab facility that provides quaility care for people from Oregon.

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